Bethany Rose Dear
Apostate; Non-conformist.
Apostatte; uncoolest.

Anonymous asked: How do you cut your hair? It looks so nice seriously

Messily? I’m actually really bad at cutting my hair. When I used to go to the hair-dressers I’d ask for a choppy, layered bob - so I’d say it’s just a grown out version of that (the layers are all pretty long now). I don’t try and style it, I just cut the ends when they get frayed and trim the bangs when they get in my eyes. (Also thank you very much!)

Anonymous asked: sup


Anonymous asked: Do you know what trichotillomania is? Or anybody with it?

I’ve heard of it and I know what it is. There was a woman who used to come into the shop where I work who only pulled out her eyelashes. Does that count as knowing someone?

Anonymous asked: You're really beautiful :')

"You’ve got the wrong man"

Anonymous asked: What I really like about you (and something I think makes you really special) is that, unlike most small YouTubers, you don't seem to just be in it to get famous. Like you actually have stuff you wanna talk about! And you don't shove your channel down our throats all the time cause you're looking for subscribers. That's one of the reasons I know you're going to get big one day.

   To be honest I used to care a lot more about my subscriber count than I do now. I used to check it all the time, but I think it was more because I was self-conscious that perhaps I was making a fool of myself. 
   I actually just really love video editing more than anything and I’m so honoured by the people who somehow enjoy the content I post out. These days, rather than looking for subscribers I’m just warmed by the ones I get. You guys are the best. 

A random selection of photos from my Instagram. I really wanted to sync my account up to my Tumblr so they post here, but since this is a secondary blog I can’t. (Sad face). Maybe I’ll sync them to my primary and reblog them here? Ah, decisions! 

You can follow me on it if you want but, be warned, I post a lot of selfies. 


drawing random youtubers and this is the only one that came out ok-ish

Oh my gosh! Ah! This is my favourite thing ever. Thank you so much (/;o;)/


drawing random youtubers and this is the only one that came out ok-ish

Oh my gosh! Ah! This is my favourite thing ever. Thank you so much (/;o;)/

   Sitting on my livingroom floor. I straightened my hair for once. I really hate posting nonsense webcam photos but I’m trying to be better at blogging so I’m pushing myself to stop being so very vain (laughs).

   I feel like every five minutes I’m telling you guys that starting *now* I’m going to be posting more video/ more photos/ more blog posts and every time they end up being empty words; so this time rather than making evermore promises I’ve decided just to try better at just letting you know what’s going on.

   As ridiculous as this will definitely sound, right now my whole life is revolving around my bedroom. I’ve never been good at keeping it tidy, but I think the degree of decay I’ve managed to achieve would frighten most people. For over a year now when you step through the door all you can smell is mold and general grossness. Sigh.

   I find I can stand it to a point, but I crossed that line months ago. However unfortunately determination fails me every time and I can always convince myself there’s something more worthy of my time (ie. Animal Crossing). But now it’s at a stage where I no longer want to be in my room; there’s no room for art, videos, photography. The only thing I can do in there is tread between piles of crap in order to scramble into bed and ignore the fact that another day has passed and that I’ve probably created a new breed of bacteria somewhere. It’s gross.

   Luckily I was rejected by university - will go into why that’s a good thing later - and now my life is truly in my hands and I feel I really need to start taking action myself. So for the last few - and the next few - weeks, my days will revolve souly around sorting, binning and finally reclaiming and redecorating my bedroom, which I’ve had planned in my head for years. 

   I can only thank you guys for the patience that you’ve had with my thus far and the kindness you keep giving me. I hope you won’t mind if posts are scattered for the short future. But I swear - gulp - that I’ll be posting better content at the end of it. 

   Love as always, 
   Bethany Rose

Anonymous asked: do u have a ny pictures of your sisters ?? or do a sibling tag? :)

I’m thinking I might just do a sibling tag at one point - or at least I’d like to. My family’s all very shy, so I’ll have to see if I can convince them…


AH OKAY i’M SORRY. Ahh. Actually, for the sake of keeping you guys in the loop; for the past few weeks my bedrooms been being emptied and cleaned so I can redecorate it (you may have noticed all my videos take place on and around my bed because that’s almost all the furniture I have in there right now). Once that’s done I’ll have a lot more space for photography and painting so I’ll have a lot more to post - including a lot of outfit posts.

Anonymous asked: Is this your only tumblr or do you have more?

I have another with the URL butchstudiotour which I use just to reblog stuff. But I wouldn’t follow it if I were you unless you want to see the terrifying amount of time I spend doing nothing.

Anonymous asked: i really like the way ur tattoo looks!

Thank you! So do I.

Anonymous asked: do u have frekcles?

On my nose and under my eyes ^u^

Anonymous asked: Why are you so pretty? Your skin is flawless in your videos! I'm jealous. And your hair is really cool!

Oh gosh no! I go through phases of good skin and then phases of tonnes of spots. I just only seem to film when it’s good (laughs). 

Anonymous asked: I've been subscribed to you on youtube and followed you on here for a long while now and I just wanted to say you're doing brilliantly at the whole thing, so yeah, keep up the good work and all that!

Geez Louise, I don’t even know how to respond to that. I am constantly overwhelmed by how unbelievably kind all of you are to me. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a dork posting all this stuff - talking to a camera still feels really weird - but talking to you guys is so inspiring. Thank you so much.