Bethany Rose Dear
Apostate; Non-conformist.
Apostatte; uncoolest.

Anonymous said: Think now you've been talking so much about bodys and nude an art. Maybe your first nude should be tonight?

Hahahahaha, nice try.

Anonymous said: I think you've just opened my mind to see nudity as something else other than just something sexual.. Thank you!! 😘😘😘

That makes me so happy! If you think about it, we all have bodies, we’re all made up of the same parts, we’ve all seen ourselves naked - why is seeing someone else naked any different? 

Anonymous said: I see.. So you see bodies as art not as something sexual.. That's really interesting considering a lot of people only see bodies as something sexual.

Don’t get me wrong, sex is fucking awesome. The way human bodies work together to create such intimacy and pleasure is something I am by no means overlooking - but I think that nudity is often perceived as an overtly sexual thing even when it’s completely innocent. It’s crazy because every creature on earth is a naked being and yet somehow we’ve taken the most normal thing in the world and made it a taboo. 

Anonymous said: Then, you're pretty everyday, OMG, please stop! jaja

Ah, no! Thank you very much but I must respectfully disagree, as I have many spots and poor personal hygiene. You’re very kind to me, ah

Anonymous said: You would really post nudes?

Actually it’s something I’ve thought about a lot for a while now, but if/ when I do it will be in a completely non-sexual context. I’m fascinated with anatomy and in particular I think female bodies are so beautiful - yet so vastly different. The delicacy of skin and veins and curves and bones. Not to mention the human body is this fucking incredible thing that somehow swallows food and air and keeps us alive, it’s magical. So basically yes.

Anonymous said: How did you get into drawing and anime/manga?

Honestly? This is so dorky but my big sister was really good at drawing it and I was desperate to be like her, so I took it up to impress her (laughs). I remember watching Fruits Basket with her a long time ago. 

Anonymous said: I missed your videos. You look even prettier than before, take care. Hugs for you :3

That’s so sweet! Although I don’t know what to say when someone calls me pretty, I swear I look the same every day. Aaah. 

Anonymous said: Post some nudes? 😐

I’m getting around to it.

Anonymous said: do you really masturbate?

Hahahaha, hilarious. Who doesn’t?

Anonymous said: Just wanted to say, glad your back. You have a natural affinity with making videos and it comes across as effortless and relaxed and the videos in general are just great, I've been watching since around video 3 or 4 and I think you should know that you're just getting better and better and you should definitely continue making them, (even after occasional 3 month breaks...) But all jokes aside, keep up the good work!

This message made me so happy. It kind of blows my that there’s anyone who’s stuck around from when I first started posting to now (probably because it took a while to actually start getting subscribers). These videos are so stupid and fun and you guys are so wonderful to me. I definitely won’t be going anywhere (*^—^)

Anonymous said: Just watched your new video and man, you have a lot of piercings!

Three years of work, yo! But I think that’s me done.

FactFile: The One Three Months Later

I totally did it y’guys. I totally uploaded a new video. Y’all didn’t think it was gonna happen, bet you’re feeling pretty stupid right about now. Mm-hmm. 

Anonymous said: I would kill myself to be as pretty as you

That’s almost very sweet, but please never, ever say anything like that. I don’t want to lecture you, and I know I’m going to verge on terribly cheesy right now but that’s okay and this is important.

I honestly believe that every single person is beautiful. Having said that, they’re not all beautiful to me, but they are to someone. What you have to keep in mind is that I’ve completely altered my appearance to suit myself - via hair, makeup, piercings, clothes and (a few) tattoos. And that look isn’t for everyone, a lot of people think I look ridiculous (believe me, I’ve bee told). But it works for me.

And here’s my point; there are people out there who will look at you and think, “hot damn, that is the most perfect goddamn creature I have ever seen”. You fit someones taste completely. But what’s most important is that you suit yours. If you don’t like how you look, change it. God knows I wouldn’t be happy with my ‘natural’ look. 

My point is your beautiful. Please never doubt that.

Anonymous said: Can you make a video about the worst relationship you've ever had?

Originally I had planned to make a video talking about that because I thought the story was interesting, but recently I’m not sure. Although obviously I’d omit names, I’d still only be telling the story from my perspective and that makes it biased. I don’t want to paint anyone as the “bad guy”, an I also don’t want to be the chick who bitches about her exes online. Seeing as it was a situation between me and him (and his mum, in this case), I feel I’d be divulging his business, and that’s not nice. I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about it. 

Anonymous said: YouTube video soon???????????????

Y’know, I’m not even gonna try and set a date anymore. I will get to it, I swear - I have by no means stopped making videos, I’m just super lazy.