Bethany Rose Dear
Apostate; Non-conformist.
Apostatte; uncoolest.

Anonymous said: I love your new haircut and the color, oh geez ! and I love your accent, I hope to get an accent like that someday (dreams come true jaja). I think I love you, you are way too funny jajaj. Have a nice day or night or whatever jaja

GAH. That is so sweet, thank you so much! My accent is kind of half-Scottish and half American (but I’m Scottish born and raised so I have no idea why) but that means it could definitely happen! I love you too, you’re a sweetheart (*^—^)

Anonymous said: *May we see your nipple piercings?

Much better. I admire your perseverance. I’ll probably get round to posting pictures but I might change my mind. We’ll see!

Anonymous said: Can we see your nipple piercings?

I don’t know, can you? (Oh ho ho ho, teacher humour).

Anonymous said: I always see you around and think you're amazing but don't think you know I exist....

As in you see me over the internet or in real life? This message just blew my mind - either way you should come say hi!!

I haven’t posted much art recently so here’s a progress shot of what I’m currently working on. I can’t wait to get the time to finish this sheet~

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Anonymous said: What happened to the tattoo comissions that you did a few months ago on your YouTube? Are you going to post them?

Absolutely I am! Everything is still being worked on, things have just been messy between work and travel and commissions and aaaah. I’m going to do them all, but if there’s one in particular you’re waiting for I can happily push that forward.

Just finished my Disney flash~ This one was just for fun but I’ve always wanted a poison apple tattoo. 

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Anonymous said: I think you're the nicest and funniest person I've ever seen. You are so beautiful and perfect. I think you're one of those people that deserves to have nice things done to them. You are such a wonderful person and we need more people like you in this filth world. Keep making videos!!

I was so sorely tempted to just keep this message in my ask box forever because it makes me so incredibly happy, but then I realised it would be criminal for me to keep it here without thanking the kindness of whichever thoughtful soul thought to send it. I can’t even comprehend the fact that there are people out there who’d want to take time out of their day to tell me something like this - not to mention even think it. Believe me, it is not lost on me. You guys fill my heart up, I love you so much.

Anonymous said: when you're able to tattoo people you need to make a huge announcement coz I need you to ink me o.o

Don’t worry about that; the minute they put a tattoo machine in my hand I’ll be shouting it on every social media - in addition to the obvious running down the street peeing everywhere.

My folio is finally beginning to look like a folio. Now I just need someone to let me put ink under their skin. 

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Anonymous said: There are actually very strict laws in place to prohibit nude photos of people under 18. They are considered child pornography. It's a very real problem that's frankly not about "it's my body" and yes, you can told what to post as child pornography is one of the things prohibited by Tumblr's terms and conditions and various international laws. You stated that you're over 18, so yes, it is a moot point if you decided to post nudes, but please, don't be so cavalier about it.

Okay, right you. Can we all just calm down a little? I didn’t know any of that stuff so it was an honest mistake. You can educate people without being mean about it.

Anonymous said: You are a goddess!! 😩😘

Oh my goodness. What on earth? 

Anonymous said: How old are you? If your under 18 isn't it illegal to post nudes? Also, I love your YouTube channel!! I'm really surprised you don't have more subscribers or views

Geez, I didn’t think there were laws about posting nudes. Its my body and the internet is a free country so frankly no one has any right to say what I can’t post. (Although I’m actually turning 19 in a few months so I guess that’s a moot point).

And thank you very much! All my subscribers are wonderful so I think I have plenty (*^—^)

Anonymous said: What does the caption on that photo of your hair mean?

Oh, it’s just me being dumb. I did a half black/ half rainbow hairstyle back in 2011 and going back to it (and cutting my hair short again) feels a lot like stwpping back in time. 

Anonymous said: i genuinely cannot tell you how happy i am that youre posting regularly on this blog now. i really really love your stuff. <3

Actually I’m really happy to be posting a lot too. I’m even more happy that someone enjoys it!