Bethany Rose Dear
It happened wherever we happened to be.

Anonymous said: What is your main blog?

I would call this my main blog since this is where I actually post stuff and have more followers, but my other blog is butchstudiotour. (Warning; contains art, bands, and nudity)

Anonymous said: I love your YouTube so fucking much, I wish there were more videos, I tell you, you would have so many subscribers if you uploaded at least once a month, your videos give me liFE. I'll just be here, silently and paciently waiting in the corner, for a new youtube vid. I love youu okok bye

I actually saw this comment a few days ago and I loved it so much but I just haven’t had time to respond to it before now. You’re so sweet! I always, always mean to make videos more but I actually find recording them super uncomfortable (secret; I’m shy), so i really have to big myself up to do it. I absolutely adore all of you guys though, you’re wonderful. I’m extremely happy with 268 subscribers (*^—^)

Anonymous said: \ (^_^) / Hello beautiful person! If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back even better!

Oh, hello to you too! I’m not gonna do this, but I appreciate the sentiment - thank you<3 

Anonymous said: where did u get your coloured pens ?

I used to get them at an art store called Hobbycraft, but I’ve found their cheaper on Amazon. (They’re called PROmarkers if you wanna look them up - you can get them individually or in sets).

Anonymous said: can u upload some pics of ur room? it looks so cool

In the next month or two I’m going to be painting my walls and after that I plan to make a room tour video and I’ll post some photos on here too (*^—^)

Anonymous said: what pens do you use for the black outlining?

They’re called Uni Pin fineliners - I buy them in a five pack that includes nibs in 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.8mm. Here's a link~

Anonymous said: But of course I know, It just sounds funny, plus I thought that name was extinct.

Nah man, I have two friends called Sally.

Anonymous said: My goodness Sally! Had I known, I would have refrained from such outbursts of charm. All is well, I mean not to intrude ;) I hope for the best for the two of you lucky humans<3 (if you even are humans -_-) *glare* I'm onto you -_-

Oh my… you know my name isn’t Sally, right?

Anonymous said: Older men? Hehe well if it's older men that you're into, look no further baby, I'm all you need. *wink* *wink* :P

Hahaha - as charming as that offer is, I don’t know how happy my boyfriend would be about it if I took you up. Sorry~

Anonymous said: Good, it should be only because you want to, you are awesome 😝 Anyways, do you have any plans for new tattoos? -R

Thank you for being supportive~ Tattoos for myself? Geez, I have hundreds of ideas! In the immediate future (and budget), either; a straight-edge cross, an alien head, or a heart and banner that reads ‘Older Men’

Anonymous said: how long was between each of your piercings? + ur a great drawer! :)

Well from the start I had a list of all the piercings I wanted, so I would always get three done at once because that’s the most I could get in one go. In the stage where I got most of them, I waited about a month between sessions, again, because that was the minimum I could wait before I got more. 

(Also thank you very much!)

Anonymous said: where do u work

My Dad owns a pharmacy business and I work as dispenser in one of the shops.

Anonymous said: like, draw a female pirate for your tattoo portfolio

I love that idea.

Anonymous said: First of all I think you are gorgeous and god damn you're funny, but talking about all the creeps out there, do you actually think you'll ever post any pics like that?

Aw shucks man, you’re the sweetest! To be honest, the more people ask about it, the less I feel comfortable doing it. Perhaps it was stupid of me to talk about it in the first place and therefore build up to it - but I don’t want to feel like I’m posting stuff like that to satisfy other people’s expectations. If I do, it’s for myself, and not because people are waiting for it. So maybe. But maybe not.

Anonymous said: when will you make your next video?

I don’t know, I’ll ask the trees.

The trees say never.